Christmas Elf Blog

The 5 best Elf ideas to prove elves really are magical!

Written by Sarah Greenwell | 2018-11-30
Looking for magical Elf ideas that will make your little one’s jaw drop? We’ve picked 5 of the best Elf magic ideas to inspire your mischievous little visitor this December!

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Your Elf-help guide: How to welcome a Christmas Elf through the Elf door

Written by Sarah Greenwell | 2018-11-07
Looking for some enchanted Elf arrival ideas? Discover our favourite ways for your new festive friend to make their grand entrance through the Magical Elf Door with our wonderful Elf-help welcome guide.

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A fun and festive guide to the Christmas Elf door

Written by Sarah Greenwell | 2018-10-31
Find out the magic behind the Elf door, plus our favourite Christmas Elf door ideas for a fun-filled December!

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Christmas breakfast ideas to make it a magical morning!

Written by Sarah Greenwell | 2018-10-18
Which tasty treats will you tuck into on the morning of December 25th? Check out our wonderful Christmas breakfast ideas and find the perfect North Pole breakfast the whole family will love.

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The health benefits of imaginative and creative play; why creative toys are so important to child development

Written by Sarah Greenwell | 2018-09-01

It’s common knowledge that children learn through play, but did you realise just how important creative play is for the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of your little one? Find out how creative toys that foster imaginative play like our Christmas Elf could actively help your child’s development.

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