Christmas Elf Blog

Christmas Elf Trailer

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2015-09-01

Find out more about An Elf for Christmas in our trailer, starring Eddie McJingle and Freddy Sparklepants.

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Christmas Elf - Fun Ideas

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2015-08-11

Elf_for_christmas_elf_toySo Elf has arrived safely, the arrival Letter from Santa has been read out and Elf has settled into your family well. But what mischief will your Elf get up to? Read on for some elf-spiration!

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5 things you probably didn’t know about your Christmas Elf Toy

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2015-07-28

Think you know all there is to know about your Christmas Elf? Here are our top 5 Elf facts, as verified by Santa Claus himself...

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Christmas Elf Name Generator

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2015-07-25

Elf_for_christmas_elf_name_generatorStruggling to pick a Christmassy name for your new Elf friend? Our Christmas Elf Name Generator can help - all names are based on actual real-life North Pole elves.

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Christmas Crafts for Children & Toddlers

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2015-05-30

Our Christmas craft ideas for children and toddlers will keep your little ones busy while excitement mounts in the run-up to the big day. This one is easy-peasy and guaranteed to look mega cute.

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